Who am I and what is this blog about

Hello! Thank you so much for having an interest reading my blog. My name is Samuel Poirier. I grew up in the beautiful city of Montreal in Canada and as I start this journey, I am 25 years old with a great future planned in mind. I am a software developer and investor with a huge craving for knowledge and sharing. I have been working hard on the knowledge part and I want to start improving the sharing part in my life. Being a developer, a blog is the most effective way I know to reach people and share some thoughts, skills, and discoveries I made. One thing I would ask you while reading all of this is, stay open-minded. Life is so much easier when we are.

Hopefully, my blog will inspire you to push yourself for a life of constant learning and grow. Everything in life is a matter of perspective. Some people see it as a game of “win or lose”, but I decided to see life as a game of “win or learn”.

Until now, my main passions have been mostly around technology and software development. Recently I’ve encountered a few events that made me open my eyes and getting interested in the world of finances. I started learning more about finance by reading multiple books that completely changed my vision on the future I wanted to go.

Some things that I read completely shocked me and made me realize that most Canadians and Americans are heading to a painful retirement without even knowing it. From what I’ve learned, there are ways that will guarantee me a smooth life ride to a financial freedom at my retirement. I know, you must think I am a bit intense thinking about retirement at 25 years old, but trust me, I wish I had learned all of this at 18.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog to get notifications, I will use this blog a bit as an open notebook for things I find interesting and to note stuff that I want to remember. I always thought, if it interests me, it might interest someone else.

Enjoy the reading!



If you have any question or idea you would like to share with me, please do, I will be happy to help as much as I can! 🙂