As an investor

In this section of the blog, I will share a lot of knowledge that I will acquire through my lifetime. In my intro, I mentioned that I am an investor. Here, you will learn that you that you should be to. The sooner the better. The world we live in doesn’t want the average investor to be more than the average. I am here to share what I wish was thought in school.

If you landed here, I can probably assume that you have some interests or questions around the finance world. I would suggest you to take a look at what I strongly believe we should have learned in school:

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“Compound interest is man’s greatest invention.” – Albert Einstein


  • As an investor

    • 2018-05-22 - US investing as a Canadian As a Canadian investor, how to buy US dollars the right way

      If you started looking around for the right place to invest your money, you probably noticed that the Canadian market is far from being the best egg nest. According to Morningstar, the Canadian benchmark index (TSX Composite), we are ranking ourselves at the 25th position when competing for the best 5 year returns from 2013 […]

    • 2018-02-10 - Market crash is good for me Why would a market correction or crash be great for me?

      Since last week, we saw the S&P 500 drop by 7.5% from top to bottom. This caused a lot of panics from what I saw in the news. Weirdly, I am in the few that was pleasantly surprised. Let me explain why. Part of my investing strategy relies on two golden rules that do all […]

    • 2018-01-17 How do stocks work How do stocks work?

      When investing in the stock market, if you decide to buy stocks from a company, there are multiple key statistics and concepts you should know beforehand. You should always understand them before throwing any money to the company, otherwise I wouldn’t call that investing, but speculating or gambling. I’ve prepared a list of some really […]

    • 2018-01-14 - What is dollar cost averaging What is dollar-cost averaging?

      Investing can seem too complex or impossible for the average investor. People think it is too risky. They are afraid to make mistakes and lose money. Well, I  can tell you that those beliefs are simply not true. If you have the willingness to learn and you put the efforts to do so and understand, […]

    • 2018-01-11 - What is a dividend withholding tax What is a dividend withholding tax?

      One of the core rules of investing is to diversify as much as we can. Never put all of your eggs in the same basket. Most people know that. There is something I learned that not many knows. If you are not careful, you may pay a price you can avoid. A key recommendation for […]

    • Ray Dalio’s All-Weather portfolio’s secret

      If you have read Tonny Robbins’ book, MONEY Master the Game, you probably have learned one of the core principles of building wealth, which is to NOT lose money. Most people tend to forget about that rule by chasing high returns instead, which can be disastrous if a market crash would occur without preparation. In […]

    • TFSA or RSP TFSA or RSP: Which one to prioritize?

      We often hear the saying: “You must save money to grow your wealth”. Everyone knows that, but not everyone does it. There are tons of ways to “save” money that you can look up on the internet. Although, I realized that there is another related question that is a lot less obvious to find: Where […]

    • Don't upgrade your lifestyle yet Don’t upgrade your lifestyle… yet.

      If you read my previous post about the rule of thumb to become wealthy, you probably know the simple pattern to follow to avoid getting stuck in the expense and liability trap. Here is another obvious tip I wanted to share that most people seem to completely ignore. I see that human behavior all the […]

    • The rule of thumb to become wealthy The rule of thumb to become wealthy

      There is that misconception around the poor and middle class that when you have a lot of income, you are rich. Having a lot of money and being wealthy is not the same thing. Moneywise, being rich means having a lot of money. This definition does not talk about expenses and liabilities. A middle-class worker […]