Amazon Kindle vs anything else

As a developer, I love tech probably as much as I love learning new stuff. One way of learning that I use a lot is to read.

Weather I learn by reading online or simply by reading a good old book. There are just some situations where the good old book wins.

I recently decided to make the jump from traditional paper books to its more modern little brother: the e-reader. I spent some time trying to decide which one I would get. I found multiple reviews comparing mainly some of the amazon kindle products to other popular e-readers. After a few researches, most of what was suggested was the Kindle Paperwhite vs the Kobo Aura One. They are both great products with their pros and cons.

I ended up picking up the Kindle Paperwhite instead of the Kobo for a few reasons and here they are:

1.    Commitment

Whenever I decide to buy a piece of tech, I try to look at how long am I going to keep it before it becomes obsolete. As we all know, Amazon is one big of a beast in our world. From a 2011 article, the Kindle ecosystem generates about 10% of the company’s revenue. This information tells me that Amazon must care about this division of the company and not handle it lightly, allowing better future support, efforts and content from the company to us, the consumers.

2.    Content

The amazon kindle store is the biggest e-book store in the world, with over 5.7 million e-books available and growing every year. That alone could be the reason for me to choose a kindle device.

3.    Hardware

I had a few points in my checklist before considering any device. The hardware needed to be minimalist, non-distracting, lightweight and portable. The kindle paperwhite checked all of those and even more. I found out that I use the integrated backlight 75% of the time, when reading at night or on the plane where I don’t want to bother others with other source of light. The weight and size were important to me as well. They were the reasons why I wanted to switch from paper books to e-books in the first place. With the small 6-inch small form factor and slim design, I can throw it in my laptop bag and not even feel it. You can simply carry that one device and have a thousand books with you at all time.


This is especially useful when going to vacation somewhere around the world. You do not want to carry 3-4 huge 700 pages bricks with you taking half of the space in your luggage and costing you 50$ in extra weight at the airport.

The battery is also excellent. Depending on the WIFI usage and light level, you can easily reach 1 month of battery without charging it. I keep it on airplane mode and around 50% backlit level most of the time.

4.    Price

This is where Amazon convinced me. From my experience with the device, I found out that I always have something on my list to read next. Simply because there are sooo many kindle store sales. I get at least one to two sales notifications on my phone where I can lookup if it contains any of the books I want to read. The discount can range from 50% to 80%. I think this is the reason why Amazon is the big winner here. Simply because it can.


Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover, Onyx Black